358,000 women around the world die each year from pregnancy-related causes; more than 340 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections occur each year; 120 million women who do not wish to become pregnant do not use any form of contraception; 20 million abortions are performed every year in unsanitary conditions leading to 80,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of complications.

Even in Italy, the National Health Service struggles to reach minimum standards of adequacy and pervasiveness of the services offered, effectively preventing many women and children from exercising their right to health.

MdM works to promote the right to health and universal access to sexual and reproductive health care (SRH) for women and children in conditions of vulnerability and exclusion. It includes the right to have an enjoyable, safe and freely chosen sex life; the right of access to comprehensive family planning services; or the right to be free from sexual violence and physical harm.

Sexual and reproductive health

Località: Lazio, Calabria e Sicily



– Health orientation and support in accessing family planning centers and other services for women’s health
– Health awarness and information on SSR topicConsapevolezza e informazione sanitaria su tematiche legate alla SSR
– Linguistic and cultural mediation for migrants and refugees
– Training for health operators
– Distribution of hygiene kits
– Advocacy to institutions

Focus: Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

The prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is a specific focus of the actions of MdM: information and awareness sessions (also in language for migrant population), orientation sessions on Italian legislation and services in the area, distribution of contraceptives.

Focus: Gender-based violence

the contexts where MdM operates are characterized by a strong promiscuity and crowding of places of life, social and economic exclusion and isolation. MdM: supports women and minors at risk of gender-based violence with information and awareness sessions, as well as psychosocial support actions.

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